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ITMS 7.1 Report exported to csv with language set to french uses a comma instead of a semicolon as the separator

Created: 16 Sep 2013
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- A client machine using 'French (Canada)' as the language set under the region and language settings is running MS Excel
- French unlike English uses a semicolon instead of a comma as the list separator
- The customer exports his report to csv from within the console. The csv file is generated by Altiris using a comma as the list separator.
- When the customer views these csv files in excel on the client machine which is set to french, excel does not show the separations properly because it is expecting a semicolon instead of the comma
- The customer has tried changing the regional settings on the Notification Server to French but Altiris will still export the csv with a comma as the list separator. It seems that it just ignores the region and language settings in windows which should change the list separator to a semi-colon when creating the csv file and is hard coded to use a comma instead.

The enhancement I am requesting is to have Altiris follow the settings for the list separator that is set in the region and language settings within Windows. This would allow any csv file created when exporting a report to use the list separator for the language that is selected within windows.