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ITMS 7.1 Right Click options

Created: 15 Feb 2011 | 5 comments
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In the soon to be released ITMS 7.1 version, its great that we can see which computers dont have the Symantec Management Agent installed at simply one glance.

Except i often find myself wanting to 'quickly' apply the Agent to a machine i've just noticed that doesnt already have it installed.

In saying that, it would be great if we could simply right click on the affected computer and choose "Install Agent" or even better have the option to Investigate issue as well. so maybe something like the RAAD tool, which allows us diagnose potential issues with a computer.

Please see attached view

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this is good and i think someone else may have suggested something similar, or at least close (i remember seeing a request to have the computer's IP in the top of the context menu, or something like that) - we all want more stuff in the context menus. 

happy to see that 7.1 is indeed making progress over 7.0, though!

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color:black">I think this is a great idea and already have logged "feature request" for the appropriate team. 

color:black">In current implementation probably the easiest way to push the agent to the computer is go to Home -> NS Management -> First Time Setup Portal, select "Rollout Agent" and add computers without the agent for the agent roll-out in the "Push Agent" wizard.

color:black">But of cause this is not as quick-and-easy as your suggestion.




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I figured out a way to add tasks to the right click menu. You can able to follow this approach to include an "Install Agent" option.

Instead of using a built-in task like Update Client Configuration (used in the example), create a new run script task that installs the NS7 agent. includes an example script that you can use to create your task. Then, follow the steps in the example to add the task to your right click menu.

Good luck,


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Hi, mlombardo

I read your post and tried to figure out how you would like to run a Task (Install Agent) when the Client where you would like to run the Skript doesn´t have any Agent installed. 

In my opinion this doesn´t work. The only thing that I can think of is that there is already an agent installed.


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You can install Agent with a task server script and psexec.

It's not so easy to setup (right management, return code, ...), but it can be done.

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