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ITMS: Better Support for Dual-boot Platforms

Created: 21 Oct 2013
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There might not be a big need/draw for this but I thought I'd throw it out there. We manage a large quantity of dual-boot Macs and we manage them several different ways. Our imaging is and will be done with Deploy Studio for quite some time as, even with ITMS 7.5 there is no way to image multiple OSes (OS X and Windows) onto a single machine (yet). We manage most lab macs (nearly 600) with Munki as it allows great control over different configurations for different locations and spaces and does handle App and PKG installs nicely along with end-user (non-admin) abilities to run software updates. Some of this may be changed now with ITMS 7.5, time will tell.

The problem that we see now, however, is that we can only control 1 OS with ITMS and the reason for this is that we also use Asset Management and if we were to install the Agent on both OSes, 2 different machines will appear in the console. This is OK for software installs, etc but not so good for asset management because both machines will appear in asset reports and it becomes very confusing to separate the non-primary OS out of the views and reports. It would be nice if there was any way to make the machines auto-merge but allow conrol based on whaterver OS is active. It would also be nice to not take 2 different licenses for the same machine, especially since only 1 agent can possibly be active at a time.