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Live Update Administrator Distribution Verification

Created: 08 Mar 2012 • Updated: 08 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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Status: In Review

Please add the ability for LUA to be able to verify the files in a distribution point and fix them if any files are missing or not matching.

I have had to rebuild some of my distribution points too many times because it seems what LUA thinks isn't necessairly true in regards to the files and content on the distribution point.

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Many thanks for the Idea, Matthew!

Here is an excerpt from "Managing LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Space Usage" that may help at present:


An "emergency purge" option may be added to a future release of LUA.  There is a Connect Forum "Idea" (proposed enhancement request) that can be supported by those who wish to voice their interest in such an option: "Purge Now" Button for LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x

The best current solution, if it is strongly believed that an existing DC contains files that it should not:

1.Backup the LUA 2.x server's settings
2.Backup the contents of the DC
3.Delete the DC in LUA's Configure / Distribution Centers GUI
4.Afterward, re-create the DC with the same location, name, etc
This will wipe out all of the current contents and replace them with only the current, known-good, valid materials from the LUA server's Manage Updates directory.

There are a couple of existing Ideas that you may wish to vote upon.....

There are a number of proposed changes to the way that LUA handles its content.  Admins may wish to cast a vote in support of the following enhancements to the way LUA manages updates and displays information about them:

•LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x - Improved Update Management
•"Hit Counter" Page for LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x
•LUA 2.x Ability to Manually Replace Files when Distributing

With thanks and best regards,


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Thanks for your suggestion

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