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Make dialog about needed restart after SEP installation more convenient and clear

Created: 14 Jan 2013
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Story: I have installed SEP 12.1.2 client on a server. After the installation it showed me a dialog that a restart is needed and it also showed, that if i don't restart now, it will automatically restart at 01:15 AM. I thought, that's OK. But then i MUST to chose either Restart now or Remind Me Later buttons to close that dialog. As there is no Never remind option i have selected a random value (1 hour in my case) and pressed Remind Me later. Then i have logged of the server. In one hour server automatically rebooted.

I think it shouldn't restart a computer if a user didn't press Restart now button. If no user is logged in it should just wait till that 01:15 AM time and only then reboot. Even better would be to change reminder to scheduler, so user could choose a reboot time.