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Managed Software Delivery - Option to run task or not if software detected

Created: 02 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Today if you insert a task into a managed delivery it runs the task no matter what every time the managed delivery check is performed even if the software is detected.

There is no way around this support has said this is how it is designed.  There should be an option to say Run or don't run if the software is detected.

Try it let’s say you have software that needs IE closed before installing so you insert a task to terminate the IE process as a script before the managed software is installed in the MSD policy.  The IE termination will continue to execute after the software is installed continuously.

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CPHkenped's picture

Hi Jlawson

The workaround on this could be to create a bat-fil doing both jobs (closing IE and installing the software) by creating the bat-fil as a software package.

This gives you the possibility to make a dection rule for the software package and the outcome of this is a software package that will keep running - but only until the package is compliant.

Kind Regards
Kenneth Pedersen
Copenhagen Airports

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Not sure what a bat-fil is but I'm thinking you are suggesting creating a batch file that runs the task kill process and then also runs the command to install the software and set this as the package install file and command line for execution.   I also thought about putting in the task kill batch file basically a detection process so it would not actually execute the taskkill.

My problem with these options is they all require less work and I think the product should give you the ability to create generic task as I have and attach them to multiple things.  Again this is just a feature request if you disagree please tell me why.

This was a good suggestion so I will give you a vote up but again I put these ideas in for future improvements which is my main goal.

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One note that I found with Tech Support.

There is a section using Managed delivery that under the software has something called "dependency task" which acts exactly the same if you put the task anywhere else.

So it is like they thought of the idea that this task is dependent upon this software package install but it still has the same reaction.  So not sure if this is an unfinished feature or what but looks like they were thinking along the same line.  My only issue if this did work correctly is that you can't order the task this way.  Say you want one to run before the software package installs or one to run after the software package installs.  This prevents this.

Again in the task options if there was a check box you could check to say not run if software xxxxxx is detected that would be great.  This way you could have multiple packages and you could make different choices based on the packages.

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BugTastic's picture

Totally agree. Again, another thing that's common sense and not implemented. Like so many 'features', we have to find workarounds. I was told to put tasks in a deployment job for a workaround for another issue..... Need I say more!

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Wallo's picture

It's a really frustrating oversight.

I'd much prefer to have all the different components of a managed delivery policy in a series of managed packages and tasks, rather than having to write scripts because they're harder to support and manage.

It causes a lot of confusion for my customers.

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Fernando Romano's picture

Hi Jlawson.

I was trying to do the same here and and in version 7.6 HF7 still there is no way how to define when the task runs. The task runs when the software policy status is compliant or not.

The work around was to create a batch file and mix the script and installation command line. Now everything works like a charm.


Fernando Romano

SCS ITMS 7.x & 8.0

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