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More tools for SEPM Unmanaged Detectors

Created: 21 Feb 2013
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I'd like to see the ability to manage and customize the Unmanage Detectors a little better - two things in particular.   The first being the ability to have a centralized exception list for all Unmanaged Detectors.  In my case, I have 12 different subnets, each with it's own Unmanaged Detector.  Having to add a MAC address exception to each Unmanaged Detector is a pain, espescially with smartphones, tablets, etc. that move around subnets frequently.

Second would be more options to create exceptions for the Unmanaged Detectors.  For example, being able to exclude by operating system would be great.  You could create an exception for any Cisco IOS devices, rather than creating individual exceptions for each switch, router, etc. via IP address or MAC address.