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Need Report on specific Incident Type where i can select date range

Created: 14 Mar 2011 | 3 comments
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I am using 7.0 MR2 where I am trying to create a report that lists Incidents with a specific Incident Type within a date range.

The problem is that I can’t make a selection based on Incident Type without using SQL script, and if I use SQL script I can’t edit the date range afterwards.

It should be improved so that you can make a select based on Incident Type

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I do not understand why you can not filter your report on incident type as if you include Workflow Profile and chose ServicedeskIncidentManagement profile you can filter on the type you want and it is editable at runtime.

Is this what you where looking for?

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It doesn't appear that 'Type' is available on the left side to filter on. Is this a bug/omission or is there a way to expose it?

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I am looking for this same entry, a work around for the mean time is check "Contains Text" under add process to report.  Hit the blue box and add the type you are looking for.  When you generate your report it should bring it up.  I am still looking for the type field on the left side as i am not comfortable with the above way.  On the right side you will find "Type" under incident and that brings in every ticket with the type you added. I cant seem to find where this is called so i can just add what i want. 

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