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New Change Type - Retrospective

Created: 06 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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We would like the ability to log and action a ticket that has dates in the past.

Occasionally the Change process happens outside of application (e.g Urgent Changes approved and actioned, 'Unauthorised/Unintended Change?) but we still need to capture these within the Change tickets as a record of what was done to the 'production' services.

A new Change Type of 'Retrospective' would be useful for reporting. It would need to allow the Change Managers to specify past dates.

(Allowing previous dates on existing Change Types would NOT be helpful) 

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Can we please have some feedback

Is this being considered or rejected?

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You've specified the ability to provide a past date. What other pieces of information on the change would you be needing to provide? The normal change ticket has information on implemention, testing, and backout plans. For each of these areas there assignment and date information as well. Would this information need to be provided?

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Hi TGiles,

This is how I envision it would work ...

No change is required to the information recorded or the process a change follows from submit -> planning -> approval - >creation of implementation tasks. 

No change to :-
- Create Date
- End Date
- CAB Approval

Editable Dates by Change Manager :-
- Planned Start
- Planned Completion
- Needed By

Editable Date from First Implementation Task :-
- Actual Start Date
- Actual Completion

Approvals :-
Although usually the planning tasks and CAB voting would not be required there will be exceptions.  No change is needed here except for an approval method other than CAB's.  CAB is not an option because permissions/design inhibits us when trying to add a single approver which will be different for most changes.  On that note this is another example of why a flexible approval process other than a ‘full on’ CAB is required.

Implementations Tasks :-
When a ticket is 'Retrospective' Implementation Tasks should allow those who did the work to specify the 'Actual Dates' of completed tasks.  The Change Managers can set the 'Change Window' but for transparency/audit the staff performing the actions need be able to accurately record when the task was actioned, the outcome and the duration of the task.

History :-
The history entries for implementation Tasks and delegated tasks should still show when the tasks were closed like they do now (Name – Date on the right).  But the comment should show the 'Actual Dates' which when completing the first implementation task would also update the 2 'Actual' date fields in the CR itself.

I see the process working as follows  :-

  • Submit a Change with today’s dates.
  • On Review/Planning CM would correct the 'Planned' and 'Needed By' dates
  • If required create planning tasks
  • E-mail approval from Manager pasted into the CR.  Ideally a method of 'Single Approval' so manager(s) can approve the actual electronically.
  • CM Approves the CR and creates implementation tasks.
  • Action the Implementation tasks and delegated task(s). 
            The delegated tasks when actioned just need the date added in the comments field
            The first task when closed is updated with the 'Actual Start' and 'Actual Completion' dates which also update the CR.
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