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No forced reboot for remote install packages on Mac

Created: 25 Mar 2014 | 1 comment
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Just so you know, it's a bad idea to remotely force reboot systems (crashing all applications) to make the install of SEP work. It can break all kinds of things the end user is doing. It would be great if you were able to throw up a dialog if a user is logged in to reboot now or later (later on a scheduled basis until it's done).  And if at all possible, not completely crash the system.. You and us don't know what the end user is doing at the time of the install and crashing the system can be very bad for the end user.

Is there possibly a way you can notify users of the reboot (easy with cocoa) or using a system signal to tell apps to save and close rather than just crashing systems on a remote deployment?  Or give organizations some way to configure the package to do the right thing for thier employees?

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Hi u r rite we shold have to configure this policy not for only MAC but for windows OS also.

Configuring the Notify user is enough becoz most users reboot thier system after getting the Notification.

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