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Norton Ninja - Security suite for your Android

Created: 07 Jul 2011 • Updated: 10 Jul 2011
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The name Ninja comes from the ancient martial art from Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war. When Ubuntu and Android follow a legacy on naming, then why not we? Let us follow our own legacy of naming on fighting against enemies. Yes, we are fighting against enemies in cloud and mobile battle field. Here enemy can come from any direction and in any form. But our ultimate aim is to protect our identity and destruct enemy. Our mantra is “Whatever/ whoever  the enemy is, we have to win at last”.

Malicious action on your mobile can be sending out spam messages to all the contacts in your mobile, transferring your mobile personal details and also details about other apps, calling your friend anonymously, finding and sending your exact location data, activating and transferring data via blue tooth automatically, infecting your SD card, hiding/deleting/encrypting your data.  Ninja faces all sort these threats for you and protects you from them.

Ninja comes with a conceptual implementation. We call it as a framework than an application. It is a mini security software firm for your mobile. It comes with a CEO, Chief Engineer, Tester, Security Specialist along with a Gate Keeper.

CEO of Ninja:

Norton Ninja himself(it can be herself too!) acts as the CEO of the framework. The firm is named after his name. He controls almost everything regarding your mobile in security aspect. His job mainly includes of controlling all other employees and ensuring the security level of your mobile. The security level of your mobile will be always indicated to the user as a hour glass on the user’s home screen.

Chief Engineer of Ninja:

Life Saver does the job of Chief Engineer. He mainly controls your mobile from any sort of security breaches through other apps. He always waits for detecting a malicious action that happens. When he catches a threat  immediately he intimates it to you.  Then he follows the threat and does some quarantining action against the threat. He also shares the threat details to his counterpart on the server side. Yes, he transfers the data to Norton online server with signature details to indicate it to other users of the same app. Both client and server communicate through json. Yes, since XML occupies more space. Mostly you have no way when you need enforced security for your mobile, you have to follow his guidance if you want to avoid data theft/data loss/malicious action.

Life saver identifies most of the threat samples mentioned above. He leaves other jobs to other employees of the firm. LifeSaver keeps an eye on all the installed apps and also the apps which is currently being installed. Broadcast Receiver does the job. He checks the particular app’s permission requests with our categorized permission requests. If any of the permission request is vulnerable, then he detects and indicates it to the user and also to his online server counterpart. It works tightly with Norton Safeweb. Even the request is vulnerable the user can make it as a white listed application but it is on the user’s own responsibility.

Tester of Ninja:

Here we have our Tester named Network Scanner. His job includes testing your network and giving  you some nice suggestions. He scans the entire network around you. He selects the best network for you. When he finds a malicious action through the network around you, he will directly report it to Chief Engineer. Then he takes over the control of the threat. She also tells you where are you in the planet through GPS and along with the speed of the network around you.

He mainly suggests you with network related details. It includes Suggestion on best network around you, GPS location of the user with the map, Details on thenetwork mode(mobile/wi-fi/wi-max), Dynamic IP address, Proxy detection, Download speed. What else you need about your network?

Security Specialist of Ninja:

She is an additional officer named Protector. She gives you more reliable and secure features which you definitely like. She gives you the way to hides your inbox messages based on the user preferences. She also enables encrypted message communication between two client mobiles. So that you can decode the messages only if you know the key among yourself. You can change the pass key at any time you want.

As the name suggests she protects your SMS by making encrypted communication line between you and your friend. As we know many TelCo’s stores our SMS in their servers. Why should we let them to do that? Why not we protect our identity online?

The basic idea behind is, both the sender and the receiver knows the password already. They have pre negotiated the key either through voice or in person. It is an easy way of protecting our idea. Say, we are using 1024 bit RSA for communication, it will take up years for the intruder to spit out the original message.

Why not we do this very easily? When Ninja is there to support you to do this?

Enhancements for our protector:

  • Since we are dealing with data, we can further use it for identifying spams. Based on that we can block a particular sender.
  • It can be further implemented for emails, IM chats, MMS
  • We can leverage it to offline file storage also. For example, we can use it to encrypt a local file in our SD card and also it protects SD card

Gate keeper of Ninja:

Don’t under estimate this guy. He is the main in charge for the firm. Even the CEO needs his permission. So be careful with him. His name is Authenticator. He controls the execution of other apps. He locks others if you want. For example, if you want to lock facebook app, he locks with a secret key. Nobody knows where he stores his secret key. Somebody says it is encrypted with hash but still it is a buzz. We can tell him to change the key, if you know the existing key. He obeys your order only if you know the existing key.

When the app is launched for the first time, user will be prompted to enter a new password. Some default password must be set in the beginning. Once the user resets the password, all the installed app along with system apps will be listed in a ListView. From that we can select particular apps for which you need Authenticator’s help to protect them.

Authenticator will be waiting on OnReceiver call( ). When there is an invocation of any app, it must be checked against the list and if it finds a match then the intent must be redirected to Authenticator’s password prompt page. Once the user enters the correct password, then it will be again redirected to that particular app.

By default, it protects his other colleagues(LifeSaver, Protector, Network Scanner). 

Are you really eager to install Ninja? Please wait for sometime. We are on the way to protect your identity. What say you?