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Norton Safe Web(NSW) should be indicated more information.

Created: 17 Oct 2012 • Updated: 18 Oct 2012
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When SWG detected malware URL, it indicated additional references in "More information" that link to Norton Safe web.

However this host is one of sub-domain, Norton Safe Web can't provide enough information. Because current NSW can't indicate sub-domain information. If SWG had a rule that as malware URL, SWG would provid URL-link like this: But information was about

And user can't see any update/history why NSW was changing status.

Most customer wanted to know about history that what time was started to be warn or safe ?

Other vender looks better than us below (even though information is not accurate).

Should we indicate more information on NSW  ?
1. Type and number of threats

2. Threat level

3. What time Norton Safe Web verified

4. Support for Sub-Domain host

5. Threat check history of site/host

If NSW provide these information, users can handle more incidents on SWG by themselves .