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Old Virus Definition File - pop up message for end users

Created: 04 Nov 2013
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When virus definition file is older than a configured number of days a popup message can be send to end user to make him aware, that his system is not protected anymore in the best possible way. This message only has the option to close it via a close button. When user hits this button the message will repeat itself endlessly every 5 minutes untill definition file is updated. This makes this option unusable for "difficult" end users. It is seen as end user unfriendly, especially after a weekend end because in some instances it can take up to 3 hours before definition file is correctly updated. Hence it would be great to have a button that allows this message to be suppressed for a configured number of minutes or hours (e.g. 4 hours). Within 4 hours the PC should be automatically updated after a weekend.