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Opensource Altiris RapidInstall

Created: 30 Jan 2013
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I'd like to suggest that you guys opensource the Altiris RapidInstall product, as it is no longer developed (or probably supported). Whilst there are tools like Wise Packager and such, RapidInstall is a very simple and effective tool that works better than any other tools we've tried.

However, there are complications with using it on Windows 7, for example. Whilst they can be worked around (adding filters for all the crazy junction points), there are a lot of these, and it takes a lot of effort to go through them all (and catch them all!). One little omission, and the app crashes.

If you were to opensource it, then these little bugs could be easily quashed, and could continue using this fantastic little tool. The arguments for favouring other tools, whilst well intentioned, just don't do what I want. That, or please fix it (it's basically just a check for loop detection, not exactly difficult...).