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Created: 03 Aug 2012 • Updated: 17 Sep 2012
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Dear, good morning.

Who ever heard of sites cloned?
The idea that I come to propose, it is a defense against social engineering attack. Network, we could do many things or outside, because the Internet is the "big network".
The case is that over 80% of attacks come from the same company sometimes attacked. An employee "smart", could easily try to induce a co-worker, to click a certain link or type a specific IP.
We know the fragility of certain browsers, and the commitment of certain crackres to circumvent their security.
To do so would be extremely important, customer Symantec / Norton, from owning a security solution in the same browser, our brand Symantec, with applied security against such attacks.
In terms of idea, put a video where I make a clone of website and network can perfectly capture passwords and logins, without any kind of work.
The tool used was a SET BackTrack 5 R2, and this idea also put a page available for download with step performed.
Need to ask me if he had any antivirus installed when I do that? Of course he had with him and even, could accomplish.
Gentlemen, let us look well to this point, since we are surrounded by criminal minds.
Let's create a browser itself, to be free of this type of attack and rid our clients once and for all, we are able, we are Symantec.