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Patch Import updated, let us see which updates are new

Created: 14 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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I turned on an automation policy to email me when PMImport downloads changes, which is nice info to have pushed to me.

I see there were PMImport changes last night, and if I look at the Import Patch Data task history for last night, I got 3 new bulletins, 22 new updates (for example).

When I go to remediation center - all software updates - and sort by date, sometimes I can figure out which udpates are new, but on others I can't (no new modify dates).  I've seen sometimes when a bulletin comes out, the release date was old by a month or so (it was an update I was waiting for for awhile and was working with support on it).

I do run win update and see what my machines are vulnerable for and search all updates for those KBs to make sure those aren't the updates that came out.

It'd be great if when you check the status of the import and it shows 3 new, 22 new updates, if you could also see which updates those are.  


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For anyone else looking for this - a symantec employee, Andrew Bosch, offered this SQL report which gives some info, it'd be nice if it was built into the PMImport status window too.

SELECT bi.Name, sui.Name, stat.[Status]

FROM ItemStatusAfterPMImport stat

JOIN vRM_Patch_Software_Update_Item sui

   ON stat.ItemGuid = sui.Guid

JOIN ResourceAssociation ra

   ON ra.ChildResourceGuid = sui.Guid

   AND ra.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '7EEAB03A-839C-458D-9AF2-55DB6B173293'

JOIN vRM_Software_Bulletin_Item bi

   ON bi.Guid = ra.ParentResourceGuid

ORDER BY bi.Name, sui.Name

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