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pcAnywhere accept connection behavior

Created: 19 Oct 2012
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Today on pcAnywhere Support people have permission to remote control PCs with acceptance of the remote user.
The user should accept the connection before the screen is being shared. This also when no user is logged on or the PC to be taken over is locked.
In the past during those 2 situations the acceptance of the remote user was not required. May I refer to document
The problem is that when support people are remote controlling a PC solve and issue which does require a reboot the support person is dependent on the availability of the user to accept his connection after the reboot is completed.
It's suggested to implement an options so that the behavior of pcAnywhere can be controlled so the Altiris admin can specify in the altiris policy how pcAnywhere should behave.
Should pcAnywhere never accept connections without approval of the remote user once when this feature is enable or should pcAnywhere do this only when a user is logged on.