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pcAnywhere enhancements

Created: 16 May 2014
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pcAnywhere gurus:

We currently install pcAnywhere as an Altiris 7.1 plug-in, but due to console bandwidth during a Windows migration that we are doing, are forcing support personnel to use the installed QuickConnect application.

I had opened a case with support about some bugs that had been occuring. Support informed me that there were no current enhancements planned for the solution and pointed me here.

What I'd like to see is that any policies that get applied to pcAnywhere are cross application. For example, we have a 30 second connection wait when support connects to another user. That wait works for both QuickConnect and connecting via the console. However, setting the policy to lock out the host keyboard and mouse inputs on connection does not work for both. It only works for connecting via the console. I'd love to see all of these policies work for both QuickConnect and via the console.

Another feature that I'd like to see is in the custom connection message field. Currently we are limited to 60 characters. It is very difficult to craft an informative message that will mean anything to a non-technical end user regarding what's about to happen in only 60 characters. I have figured the only what that I can communicate something is to use abbreviations and broken english, which wouldn't be professional at all.

Thanks for "listening".

Drew Miller