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PCAnywhere - Manually apply policies

Created: 27 Aug 2013
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We use non-persistent virtual machines for our remote users. Our organization must provide the ability for our IT Staff to be able to provide remote support via PCAnywhere to all virtual machines. However, we found that when manually installing PCAnywhere it did not pull down policies required to allow our support staff to remote into the virtual machines.  Further troubleshooting with Symantec's support found that the policies for PCAnywhere are only pulled down via using the Symantec Management Agent. Ideally our organization does not want the Agent installed on our non-persistent virtual machines because we don't want software packages and microsoft patches being pushed to the non-persistent virtual machines. A workaround was found by installing the Symantec Management Agent to pull down the policies and later disabling the service. An ideal solution is to have the ability to manually apply policies to any PCAnywhere client machine.