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Please use a naming convention for built in filters

Created: 04 Nov 2011 | 1 comment
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It is very difficult, with the current limitations for searching filters, to know which built-in filter is needed. 

There are 18 built-in filters just for inventory solution in CMS 7.1 SP1.  Some start with "All Computers...", and some start with "Computers...".  Entering "computers" in the search target window is not effective with the current bug in the search feature.

There isn't a unified convention across solutions, either.

Inventory uses "Computers with Inventory Plug-in Installed"

Power Schema used "Power Scheme Task Plug-in Installed"

OOB uses "Out of Band Task Agent Installed"

Some consistency across all built-in filters would be appreciated greatly.

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Bump.  This needed to be done years ago.

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