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Put the release dates back in fileconnect

Created: 30 May 2013 | 2 comments
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It is now impossible to tell when the various files were released - and which ones I need based on release date. It used to be that if I needed a later version of a product, I could simply look for the dates that matched to ensure I was getting all the files. It also helped in the case of SNAC and SEP since they are intertwined - the rely on each other, and interact internally - to make sure you had matching releases.

Also be consistant. You speak of RU and MP in one set of documents, but the console shows a version number. Either always use one, or always use the other, or better yet, always use BOTH. When going to file connect, I look for a date later than the last download. You've stripped that ability away, so I thought ok, I'll look for a version that is later than 12.1.2015.2015 - and NO, you have them listed by RU and such. So how does one know what that version number matches to?

You can't - there is no easy way.

So, my plea for improvment is to:
Put the FILE RELEASE DATES back into file connect
Get the version numbers straight - always refer to the actual release VERSION. That's how the console shows it, that's how a right-click and properties shows it, skip the RU/MP unless you make the console also show that, or have some sort of road map.

Put the date back. Use VERSION NUMBERS in fileconnect. I have no idea what RU2 MP whatever is when I look in our console. Do I need a later one? I will go check the file dates in connect - oops, they've stripped THAT out TOO!  Fileconnect now not only does not have a release date, they don't show what version the file is! Are any of the files out there later than the version I have? Don't have a clue. Console states version, connect does not.

(PS - I could actually check ALL communities and all products below since they are all obtained via connect)

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Fix fileconnect please.

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I figured out what happened - Symantec has contracted with Flexera, a provider of file distribution services and such.
They appear to be the same ones responsible for the flexnet junk in our Dragon software, which I block and/or remove thanks to its phone home junk. It's as bad as HP print drivers and software, sending out information about the client it's running on not much different than adware in a sense.
In the case of the Dragon software, it allows Dragon NS software updates to take place automatically as well as sending out usage information to some server somewhere. It pokes holes in the Windows firewall when it installs! (I'm sorry, but I'll control what, when, how, etc. MY software updates and communicates back to some home base on a server that's who knows where, and I'll control what gets through the firewall - this "doing it" with no notice that it's modifying a firewall is not exactly encouraging.)

So don't look for a fix for this - we're stuck, I'm afraid.

IMO, it's horrible - very little information, NO release dates, can't sort by release date, can't compare dates to see what the latest is, the interface, IMO, is very lacking, dumbed-down. People who went to the old Symantec fileconnect were typically admins who knew what they were doing and wanted the ability to see the details - especially dates.
This looks to me as if it is more tuned for beginners, and as such leaves out important information. I feel half-blind, and I feel a whole lot less 'warm and fuzzy' seeing major vendors hiring companies to handle their security software distribution and updates! Even IBM is using the flexnet services from Flexara. What next - SEP using flexnet to run updates? That's when I bail.

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