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Quarantine for Public Folders

Created: 26 Mar 2012
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A customer needs the ability that its users can release spam mails from the quarantine on their own, but don't want to include the release links in the spam mail notifications, because with this links, everyone could get access to the users quarantine if he could get the mail. This may be a potential security risk.

So we decided to not include the release links in the notification mails. But now there is the problem, that we need to use an admin account to release mails destined to public folders on the exchange server. This leads to a lot of work for those admins.

We need a solution, that users have to authenticate on the spamfilter, instead of using links without required authentication, and in addition the ability for the users to release mails from quarantine which are destined to the exchange public folders, the users are authorized to use.