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Quick search by Primary User's display name (7.1)

Created: 28 Mar 2011
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Again, the console view in 7.1 is proving to be awesome.

The quick search option we have makes life so much easier and one thing i would like to add which we have requests for on a daily basis is the ability to search for User by their friendly names rather than the un-friendly and non-descriptive 'logon user name'.

EG: When need to remote control a Users computer, we would go to Manage - Computers and then do a quick search on the computer name and right click to bring up PcAnywhere....

Now most of our environments have computers which dont reflect the User Display Name of that computer. They have weird asset tagging names and often the User last logged into that computer has a strange username and doesnt refelct the first name / last name of that User.

The only part that does this is the Display Name which we import from Active Directory and this is then associated eventually as the Primary User of that Computer....


How easy/hard  is it to be able to go to Manage - Computers and then type in the first or last name of a spcefic User who called into the Helpesk, it would then bring up their relevant computers associated with that user and basically narrows down our search for their computer.

Attached is a screen shot which shows the search for Last Logged on User, which works ok, but the AD User Logon Name is very seldom the friendly display name which we know the Users by....