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Reduce first time definition update size

Created: 11 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Status: Alternative Solution

In large environments, SEP mostly deployed as part of a Windows image. However, the real rollout will be much after the image creation and takes couple of months to finish. That leads to very outdated SEP client, which requires full definition download (207MB). What if the full definition pack used in the image is frozen on SEPM. Where it can't be removed automatically with "keep revisions for" option. Example:

  • Image created on October 1st, with October 1st definition.
  • Indicated in SEPM to freeze October 1st revision (can't be removed automatically).
  • If 30 revisions are configured in SEPM to keep, the oldest one will be always reserved for October 1st revision.
  • After 3 months (January 1st), SEPM's contents folder will contain the lastest 29 revisions from Symantec and October 1st revision.
  • Workstation built on January 1st, will download delta definition instead of full definition (between October 1st and January 1st).
  • Delta definition will be much smaller than full definition (which keeps growing).
  • Upon creating new version of the image, the revision used in the image can be frozen and the one from October 1st will be unfrozen and deleted automatically.

This way, time and bandwidth are saved and risk is reduced.

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On SEPM if you create a LiveUpdate Content policy with a named content revision then SEPM will not delete that content from the database.  Then even if you deploy the clients several months later they can still download a delta file from SEPM.

We are also looking at ways to allow SEPM to be able to give out delta files to clients with older and older content.

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Nice work around :-)

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OMG! If this does actually work then you've made life a whole lot easier for me :)

I'm just thinking of how many customers I've been to and put in place a laborious manual process of updating the definitions in either their Windows image or the exported SEP client they use with their software deployment tool to achieve the same goal...little nuggets like this make everyone's life a lot easier, thanks :)

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