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A report to show location of SEP Client in SEPM

Created: 29 Jan 2013 • Updated: 29 Jan 2013 | 10 comments
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I have an idea which came across while working with a customer.

SEPM has a functionality of Location Awareness policy which work depending on the location where the SEP client is located (Default, Office etc… ).

Idea is to have a SEPM Report or a column added to SEPM > Client Tab which will tell about the location of the SEP Client. I believe this will help Administrators to check the location of client in SEPM.

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Looks like its a good Idea Mudit.. :-) 


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Good idea..


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Mudit its a great idea.


Sumit G.

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Hello Mudit,

Really gr8 idea...good one!!!!!!

Thank& Regards,


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GeoGeo's picture

Even if we could have a column in clients that told us current location awareness location of machine would be good too.

Please click if this is the solution this will help others find a solution.

Also please review ideas and vote there could be something useful :)


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We use locations extensively and it will be immensely helpful to have a report or a view that lists client's location in the SEP Manager console.

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The best way to see which location a client belongs is to use the monitors tab:

Log Type: System

Log Content: Client Activity

Time Range: <Of your choosing> longer the better

Advanced Settings:

Event Type: All Others

Severity: Informational and Above

View the log and export to a CSV file where you can apply filters to list all machines for a specific location.

Filter out the 'Warning' events so your left with location chnages only.

I create a pivot chart also to idenify the number of machines in each location :)

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Mohamed Khiyasudeen.'s picture

Sean Its good and Worked

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Just wanted to bump this.  Came here looking for exactly this.  As one of the admin's alluded to in the post, I would find it extremely helpful to have this be a column in the SEPM client view.   We've added locations based on OS to affect a related FW policy.  Would be nice to monitor that the clients are indeed picking up and using the location change.

Used the reporting suggested, but not the smoothest for regular checking. 

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Yes, please, please, please add a "Location" column into SEPM -> Clients.

Currently it is difficult to diagnose location switching. I realise there is a report option, but using this as an alternative is clunky, and from what i can tell it shows only when locations change.

Really need a quick glance option to see the current location of each PC.

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