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Required Resolution Date on Simple Incident Form

Created: 25 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 2 comments
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In ServiceDesk 7.5 when a user submits a ticket via the Simple Incident form, the RequiredResolutionDateTime (field in database table ImIncidentTicket) gets populated regardless if the user check the Needed by Date box.  From what I can tell the field on the form is not visable until the user checks the box, then the field is visable and the default date is set to the current day.  My best guess is that the date value is is NOT set to NULL when the checkbox IS NOT checked.  This would make more sense from a reporting side of things.  Currently as is, if I wanted to pull data to report to find out how many tickets were NOT resolved by the Needed by Date (RequiredResolutionDateTime) I could not do so accuratly.

My request would be:

Set the value of the Needed by Date field to NULL ..... UNLESS the user checks the box, THEN set the value of that field to the current day.  Keep the functionality of the user being able to change the date, this is good

Psuedo Code and Property Attribute

Default Value Property - NeededByDate.Value = NULL

If checkbox.value = 1 then

     NeededByDate.Value = Date

ElseIf checkbox.value = 0 then

     NeededByDate.Value = NULL


Thank You

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Are these the same fields updated by the 'Postponed' field in the Advanced Incident form?

I would like to see 'Postponed' and 'Needed By' seperated.  Currently the posponed field updates the needed by date and you cannot specify  'Needed By' when submitting an Advanced incident.  

The 'Postponed Date' should not be set by a person submitting a ticket.  But instead by the team working on the request/fault.  In which case they can use the 'On Hold' workflow to much better affect.

The Need By Date is also always the day after 'Postponed Date'.  In the real world the Needed by date should not be dictated by the postponed date.   Actioning a ticket could be postponed until after a needed by date for one reason or another.

I also noted that support staff can only tell if a ticket is 'Postponed' or 'Needed By' by checking 'Request Channel'.  For example if Request Channel = TechnicianPage then I know the record was postponed until the day before the needed by date,  so the needed by date is actually an assumption.  But if it says Service Catalogue I know the submitter (usually end user) has set this themselves.  From past experience the 'Needed By' is usually the customers 'wish' unless the context is understood so a reason for this is also needed.    Is most instances it is best each Service Queue assesses incomming work as we cannot dictate how they manager workloads.

So without some context reports on 'Needed By Date' are mostly based on assumptions.  Expecially since support staff do not appear to be able to set with 'Posponed Date' or Needed By date after submittion.

With time staff can work around this but it does not flow logically and very easy to make the wrong assessment based on assumptions.

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DanB - I was not aware of the Postoned Date until your post to this.  I checked it out and yes, you are correct.  I am not sure if Symantec will address this or not, but I do hope so.  I spoke to them yesterday about this and was told that this was by design, hmmmm my question is WHY? 

To me the postponed date and needed by date should be two separate fields.  I hope we can get more subscribers on this post that have the same needs and then maybe Symantec will change this.

Thanks for the update DanB

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