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Rescue Disk to the SERT

Created: 04 Nov 2011 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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Recently I stumbled on this:

It's a batch file that updates the ISO of the Kaspersky recue disk (the equivalent of SERT).

It would be nice to have that for SERT.

I have two pet peeves about SERT:

1. The definitions are WAY out of date, which makes the download of the current definition very long.

2. I am mostly using 1.0.17 instead of the more current 2.0.24 because 2.0.24 is not compatible with my multiboot GRUB4DOS USB stick (1.0.17 is compatible). This makesthings even worse.

It would be heck nice to have a SERT ISO that is

1. Compatible with multiboot scheme such as GRUB4DOS
2. Updatable so it is only slightly outdated.

It would be an add on to SERT.

Hope to see this in the Upcoming Releases...

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How To Use the Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool with the Latest Virus Definitions

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As Jeremy pointed out there is a way to update SERT to use the latest defs.  Also the SERT is a bootable ISO image so it will work with dual boot systems.  You boot off the ISO not the hard disk.

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