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RFID answer concerning Passports and other embeded items

Created: 11 Jul 2011 • Updated: 16 Nov 2011
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I've heard my new U.S. passport will be embedded with an ID chip. What is this?

Many countries, including the United States, are now including an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip in newly issued “e-passports.” Government officials say this chip will increase border and airport security. An RFID chip in a passport can be read wirelessly, and it stores personal information that is hard to alter such as a digital photo, your name, birth date, country of origin and address.

I would like to inform everyone that the new use of RFID tags is a huge danger that the US Government and industry have not fully explored.

 As the access to portable small RFID readers has increased, there use has now spread to the wrong community.

Anyone with one of these readers, can walk-wander through any public area and collect vast amounts of data.

So anyone who has one of these NEW RFID embedded Passports, Industry ID, Portal Key, ATM card should consider the following precautions:

ONE: - Place the item in a shielded/barrier/buffered wallet or holder. There are several Mfg's producing these.

TWO: - Take a used Electronics electrostatic plastic Mylar bag as an alternative to Item ONE. Has the same effect as a shield against an RFID reader.

Symantec/Norton should include this in their security Bulletins advice columns.

We are now in a World where electronic Data is so accessible to those who try...your passport has a lot of ID theft info on it so do many other RFID embedded look at shielding them from prying RFID portable reader eyes... NOW