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SD 7.5: Allow User Changes in ProcessManager to Affect Incidents

Created: 31 Jan 2014 | 1 comment
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The title might be a little confusing so let me try to lay this out. In SD 7.1 you could open an incident that had been previously created and add or remove users, affected users, etc and then have that information be written back and stored in ServiceDesk. At least that's how it behaved. We could add a new Affected user, remove the original and when the incident was resolved, the rule that sent an email to the affected user would take affect. In ServiceDesk 7.5 this is no longer the case. If we have an incident that had been previously submitted and change the Affected user account under the Process Contacts category on the left, when that incident is resolved the email that gets sent will go to the original affected user even though the process contact has changed. 

It appears that this is by design as the method for changing the contact now is from the Edit Incident link but that is a bit confusing and doesn't allow for changes or easy differentiation between Submitter, affected user and primary contact, all of which could be different. I would like to see if this can go back to the old way or, in the least, allow for the changes/additions to be more thorough, be more concise and clear and have additional options in the Edit Incident dialog window.

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+1. For what it's worth, I think this is due to 7.5 storing more user data on the ImIncidentTicket table than it did previously. In my install, I made a quick workflow to handle these changes, but I agree that it should be built in better.

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