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SD.Email.Monitoring needs to be able to run more often than 5-minutely!

Created: 09 May 2014 | 2 comments
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Dear Symantec,

Currently, Helpdesk Solution 6.0 can check the email box once every 3 minutes (and maybe more often than this), however, ServiceDesk 7.5 seems not to be able to go any more frequent than 5 minutes (and by default is set to run every 15 minutes).

In fast-moving organisations, this limitation of 5 minutes is too high and we seem to be inundated by our "customers" sending an email and then calling us again because they do not get a confirmation email in 3 minutes!

I know that this seems to be a limitation of the business schedule in the Workflow, but can this limitation please be lifted and let SD.Email.Monitoring run more often than 5-minutely!

Kindest regards,


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I my opinion more offten than 5 minutes, would take the risk of running into a race condition with currently being processed emails if the monitor run into any issues or has a large number of emails to be processed. 

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I think that this is a limitation that has been instituted by for safety, but I think that people should be given the option of reducing the interval to less than 5 minutes, especially if the previous product used to allow for lower intervals.

Also, Workflow can be used for shorter processes which could take seconds, even with extended processing times, so any Workflow, not just ServiceDesk, could benefit from the reduced interval period.

Symantec could want to include a warning in the settings for the period for periods of less than 5 minutes, if they wanted to, so that they cover themselves from bad configurations.

Lastly, to stop race conditions, why not set the SD.Email.Monitor to establish a flag at the beginning of the process and then remove it on errors and at the end of the processing and in the process, to stop processing if the flag already exists before the processing starts.

Kindest regards,


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