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SEP 11.x Location awareness detecs VM ethernet adapters as real adapters

Created: 01 Jun 2011 | 5 comments
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SEP 11.x Location awareness detecs VM ethernet adapters as real adapters.

This prevents location awareness form using connection type "ethernet" as a criterea as it will conflic with any machine that has VmWare workstaion installed ( Vmware Workstation does not running)

This prevents customers from creating location  policies to only use a wired or wireless connection

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Sorry for bumping an old topic. Should i create a case for this?

Tested and I think the issue still persist until RU7 MP1.


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I see several threads but none end in a solution on this subject. I am still seeing it in SEP 12.1.

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It's a environment problem rather, "VM ethernet adapter" is always considered equal as "physical ethernet adapter"

Workaround:need to disable the VM ethernet adapter when such-like policy is deployed/active.

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We can disable the VM adapters and it does correct the problem.

I contend that Symantec should do a better job of recognizing these adapters as Virtual and not Physical or have another option in the Location Awareness options to have Virtual adapters as another criteria to prompt a location switch.

We have logical adapters used in our VPN and these do not create any issues. It seems that since the VM Ware adapters are listed in the device manager, SEP 11 and now 12 both generically consider these an Ethernet adapter.

If this was a couple machines in a lab it would be a no-brainer to just disable, unfortunately, I have 20K endpoints in 9 countries to try to identify.

The symptoms are not very clear as to the cause. We have users that connect wireless, expecting to get a wireless location policy, and they maintain an Ethernet location and teh associated polices. All traffic appears to try to route to the virtual adapter and the end user just sees that there is no Internet access.

Am I alone in this issue?

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I am not exactly sure how many locations that you are going to create and what they are, but for VMs, if you want them use the policies in a location only contains VM computers, I would recommend to use the registry value, (Please double check all the logics that is used in other location so that your VMs will not flip flop to other locations)

Add the VM location;

Choose Registry Key from the Add (Specifiy Location Criteria)

Choose check Registry Key

Select Exists

At the Key box enter, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\VMTools

(Since I have all my VMs configured Computer Type as VIRTUALMACHINE in environment session manager, so I will add another condition just in case the reg key does not exist, check with your OS build guys to see you can use that vlaue in your environment)

Add new condition, by Add and choose Criteria with OR relationship

Choose the Type as Registry Key

In the Check condition to choose Registry Value

Select Equal to

In the Key Name, enter SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\COMPUTERTYPE

Select String type

In the Vlaue field type: VIRTUALMACHINE

OK to save your settings, check your VMs are going to this location.

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