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SEP Manager - Add a "select all" button under Manage Groups when adding new Admin

Created: 21 Feb 2012 • Updated: 27 Feb 2012 | 4 comments
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Status: Alternative Solution

Can you please add a "select/deselect all" button for changing administrator rights in SEP 12.1 Manager? 

For example:

When adding new Administrators to the Management console, you can select which Group Rights the user has access to.  By default they have "Full Access" to all OU's,  I now have to manually go through all OU's where I don't want them to have access to and manually switch it to "No access".  In larger organizations, this means you need to manually click on up to hundreds of OU's to remove the access.  It would be much simpler if ther was a select all button or if there default access was set to "No Access" and you can just select the OU's they need R/W access to.

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Thanks & Regards,


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Try right clicking the groups :-)

Paul Murgatroyd
Distinguished Security Engineer, Symantec Endpoint Protection

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That did it, thanks!  I didn't realize you could right-click the menu there.

Please inform your support staff so they can answer this question over the phone - I even spoke to a tech support manager at some point and he referred me to these forums.

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Hi Paul,

 it's great to have this feature, but not really intuitive to find. I would suggest as new "Idea" to add a little note on the "Group Rights" window saying "Right click on a group to extend selection to sub-groups".

I know this is just a little cosmetic improvement,  but IMHO this would make the user-interface more intuitive and save a lot of calls for support (I'm here because I just got one :-) )


-- Luca

Example of the enhancement:


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