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SEP Manager - Single Risk Event Emails

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 18 Jan 2013
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Having worked in IT for several years, many of which involved new versions of SEPM, many ideas for adding to and possibly improving on the product have come to mind.

Most recently I have been introduced to the Single Risk Event Emails that send notification emails based on the discovery of potential threats or viruses on client PCs.  It came to my attention, however, that the emails contained only the details of the threat, PC, and time at which the threat was discovered.

In which version, present or future, if any, would the Single Risk Event emails contain information for resolving or properly removing the newly discovered threat?  This could be in the form of details from the Symantec Knowledge Base, or even a link that directs you to the Knowledge Base article containing information about the threat.

Is anyone familiar with this feature?  If such a feature does not exist, does anyone else feel that this may be useful for them in the future?

Just thinking,