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SEP Small Business Edition must get fixed for this known issue ASAP

Created: 09 Sep 2013 • Updated: 09 Sep 2013
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I opened ticket Case : 04687471    [ ref:_00D30jPy._50050MMzrB:ref ], the problem is all of machines in my company got always run scaning after the definition is updated and it makes the machines freeze for a long time and cannot working.

"Run an active scan when new definitions arrives" option in the policy is useless, disable or enable got the same result, nothing change.

SEP support told me that this file cache scan will happen for all SMB users by default, it cannot be fixed and suggest me the only way they can do is let me send this idea to their team, and then Product Team will test the same in test environment and send out e-mail to all the SMB user to get feedback on the same if it's useful it will be definitely updated in next release

If all SMB got this issue, it means this is a known issue in this version and your team need to fix it ASAP for all your business customers because no any antivirus software has this problem, Symantec only.