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SEPM Feature Request

Created: 15 Feb 2012 • Updated: 19 Feb 2012 | 6 comments
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Status: In Review
There has been a couple of instances that would have helped us during troubleshooting and want to see them as future feature enhancements. 
  • Display current SEPM Server name, the console is connected to.
  • Under Clients on the Clients tab. Could there be a column that reports the current server the client is connected to.
  • Centralized Exception- add field for “description” on each exception item
  • Add Wildcard to exceptions in directory paths
  • Remove all admin recipients from the email package distribution list (not sure if this is worded correctly)
  • Add more Windows system variables ie %userprofile%

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I completely agree with this request. It would help me tremendously to have these new features available while I manage my company's SEP environment on a daily basis.

What kind of details would be needed in order to push these through? Are some of these already in the works for the next release?

Thanks in advance!

Carlos Quintero

Systems Administrator

Florida Hospital

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Thank you for sharing your feeback.  These are great ideas and ones we have heard from a number of customers.  We are currently reviewing some or all of these items for our upcoming release and will keep you posted on the outcome.

I look forward to others sharing their feedback and votes as well.

Michael Marfise
Senior Manager, Endpoint Protection Product Management

Michael Marfise
Senior Director, Product Management - CTO office

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Dear Michael.

Does that mean you'll look at getting this into v11.8? Or only in > v12.1?

Please mark the post that best solves your problem as the answer to this thread.
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Which items are you currently reviewing? Could you please be more specific?


-Carlos Q.

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Seeing all the information once is great relief..

Thanks & Regards,


"Defeat the Defeat before the Defeat Defeats you"
(Swami Vivekananda)

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Here are some details that might help regarding these feature enhancement requests (sorted by priority from my perspective:

1.  Add wildcard capabilities to Exception policies, for use with directory paths

  • i.e. the ability to add an exception like “C:\Users\*\Documents”
  • Add more Windows system variables like %userprofile%

SAV 10 had wildcard capabilities for exception policies and they were very helpful, so we are not sure why they went away with SEP.

2.  Add a ‘Description’ field to each exception/exclusion item in the Exception policies.

  • This makes it easy to identify which application a certain exception applies to, who requested, date, etc.

3.  Add option to exclude full system administrators from the recipients list of messages sent to deploy SEP clients via e-mail (in the Client Deployment Wizard).

  • We do not want the System Administrators to receive these e-mails because it causes confusion, especially since they simply receive a copy of the e-mail sent to the targeted recipient(s).
  • Only the targeted recipients should receive the download links.
  • The sender (system admin) should either receive a special message (worded differently and without the download links) or he/she should not get a message at all.

4.  Add a “Current SEPM” or “SEPM” column to the default view (or any other view) within the ‘Clients’ tab  of the ‘Clients’ panel that indicates which SEPM server each client is currently connect.

  • This would help us to troubleshoot some issues we have encountered because it would easily allow us to identify if a certain group of “troubled clients” are all connecting to the same SEPM server.
  • While we can find this information on each client, having it in the console is much more convenient and less time consuming.

5.  Display the current SEPM server name the console is connected to, either in the home panel or the title somewhere.

I hope that helps clarify what we're looking for.

Take care,

-Carlos Q.

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