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SEPM GUP priority update

Created: 30 Oct 2012 | 1 comment
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Would be good if when the SEPM recieves it's latest definition update if it could prioritise updating the GUPs first before any clients it has access to. This would allow the GUPs to update first and help distribute to clients taking the workload off the manager and allow for faster updating of larger esatates. As currently the GUP gets updated like a normal client and can take a while before it gets updated. By this time a new def relelase is available and the SEPM is constantly playing catch up on updating all the clients.

This update would allow for improved updating of all clients usuing GUPs.

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As per my post in your thread

"This idea is not really required for GUP functionality.

GUPs don't provide updates to other SEP clients from their own definitions, but rather have a separate repository for definitions provided via the GUP feature (as per  As such, GUPs are not required to already be on the latest definitions for the other SEP clients to obtain the latest defs from them.

Case in point, you can lock a GUP to yesterday's definitions (using a separate LU Content policy), but it will still be able to provide today's defs to other clients.


As an aside, despite it not being required, you can generate the behaviour you've described by putting all your GUPs in a separate group and changing that group's "Communications Settings" to use either PUSH mode or a smaller Heartbeat interval.  This means the GUP are more likely to be aware of the latest definitions earlier than other SEP Clients."

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