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SEPM12: Bring back "Find Unmanaged Computers" from SEPM11

Created: 18 Aug 2011 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 11 comments
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Status: Implemented

What used to take seconds to deploy SEP from SEP Management Console to a new client now takes much, much longer. Please bring back SEPM11's "Find Unmanaged Computers" wizard. See related forum topic here. The current vote is 5:1, bring the old wizard back.

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I agree that the lack of being able to filter out the managed computers makes deployment much more tedious. I'm aware that the routine had to be rewritten due to changes in Windows 7 which prevented deployment. ( Perhaps the best option would be to add a checkbox to exclude managed endpoints and another checkbox to show only devices running the Windows OS. (Future support to show Mac OS should be considered). I think this would give the necessary means to make deployment of new endpoints much faster.

-Shawn T.

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This was a very simple useful tool that's been eliminated/replaced by the Client Deployment Wizard.  The Client Deployment Wizard does not offer the same information that was available in 11.x.  I can no longer identify machines that may have SEP installed, but that are not managed by the SEPM.  Tech Support suggested designating Unmanaged Detectors which will report the same info.  The problem with that is, like most SEPM reports, I'm not able to do anything (like push an install) except view the information.  No drill down available to get to more specific/useful info.  Also, if you use Unmanaged Detectors as suggested by Support, the Seach Network feature in the Client Deployment Wizard will error out.  You may only use one or the other.  Neither does the job that the Find Unmanaged Computers tool used to.  

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Unmanaged detectors are a nightmare, IMO.

They kept reporting the same comptuers, same MAC address and IP addresses. A single email may have a single mac listed 10 times! Same for the IP address.... if an address changed, it just kept adding it as a new unmanaged computer!

Worse - try to locate all the unmanaged computers in many groups and dozens of subnets - and what happens when that user turns their computer off? OR Helpdesk reimaged the computer? Or moves it?

Further, it won't give the information I need such as - IS SEP installed but not managed? Is SEP not even present?

It was so bad I had to finally kill that process - I got VERY large email reports, most contaiing computers that had not been on our network for weeks.

They are hard to manage, very time consuming to configure dozens of them across a state, and totally unreliable.

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Yes please, update the Unmanaged detector intelligently.

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


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It is an amazing waste of time to search by IP when we have multiple vlans.

If I upload a text list of ip's after every one that fails I have to click "ok" so I can't even let it run overnight.

Really.....than after hours wasted time if I search by IP range it tells me all the computers, managed and unmanaged. So than I get go go though them.

SCCM does a much better job of deploying.

It is unfortunate that a simple task can not be preformed.

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Count me in...

“Find Unmanaged computers” Feature removed in the SEP 12.1, this feature assists the Administrators to pull the record of the machines which have been detected across the network. The Unmanaged Detector feature would not provide administrator a Notification Report in their emails. However would not be able to generate a list of clients within SEPM.

Hope this feature comes back.

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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Count me in as well, the merge of tool and wizard is not helping at all! Bring it back ASAP!

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Finding the 'Unmanaged Computers' is a nightmare in SEP 12.1. Please reinstate this feature. Thanks!

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The Client Deployment Wizard in SEP 12.1.2 (RU2) released yesterday has close to a 10 fold improvement in performance for the remote deployment over what SEP 12.1 had.  SEP 12.1.2 should address the issues mentioned here.

Note: the workflow does not change but it is made faster and more reliable.

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But I still cannot see, wether the selected PCs are managed by my SEPM or not!

This is the missing feature!

So please bring it back!!!

As told here:

"On the computers on which these credential works then this tool checks if that compters is registered with this SEPM console,If it finds its entry in the sepm console it will not list it otherwise it will show up as Unamanaged computer that is either that computer has SEP but its Unmanaged or it does not have sep at all."

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Same problem as ShadowsPapa. Same IP addresses on the report each day, but with different mac addresses that are not on our network.

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