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Set SLA to a specific date

Created: 30 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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I would love to see the option to set an SLA to a specific date. Here is my scenario:

Our support center takes all new hire/termination requests. We are normally given 2 weeks to get everything setup, but on occasion we are given very little time so the date varies. I would love to see an option to set an SLA late date to the due date of the incident, and set the SLA warn date to 1 day before the due date. Also setting the due date is buried underneath the history of an incident and is a bit cluncky. It would be great to allow the our support center to set a date on the incident advanced page if needed.

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This is made tricky by Incidents and Request being in the same module.

For Instance an Incident should be Severity + Impact = Priority.   And the SLA would be applied on create date based on the Priority Matrix.  Note there is no urgency which for an incident is actually the priority.

Whereas Requests use Create date and the OLA/SLA’s are normally quite simple in that they have a common turnaround time.  This is where the urgency is useful because that helps service queues identity those special cases.

One way could be to add a priority, say ‘Urgent Request’ and have a separate SLA for this priority.  But the SLA that is applied would not be able to check ‘Needed By’ dates in order to adjust the SLA accordingly,  and would be available when logging incidents.   A solution I am working on involves ensuring the priority is auto calculated for incidents and requests have no priority at all.   Tricky when impact, urgency and priority are required and set at many points throughout the incident process.

Like you, I am wondering how I can then apply an SLA to requests which is different to incidents and has the ability to, if not dynamically modifying the SLA based on the needed by date,  at least highlight the urgent ones. 

There are also possibilities in reports/Rulesets as well.  For instance can we check the start date,  and the needed by date and if they fall within certain time frame either highlight it in the report or trigger a notification/state change.   Reports could then show create,needed by and resolved dates then from there work out SLA’s Met, Missed …

On a similar note ..

When experimenting with the 'Need By Date' (Report Incident) and the 'Postponed Date' (Submit Incident Advanced) I found that neither worked as I expected.

Currently the 'Need By' date in a ticket overview is the day after the 'Need By' submitted in the ‘Report Incident’ form.  I also note that if no Needed by date is set (Report Incident)  then the need by date is the creation date of the ticket. Logically I would expect this to be not set, or at least set to the SLA time frame since no actual required/needed by date was set.

I also wondered about the option for 'Postponing' a ticket on creation. The majority of staff raising even advanced tickets (eg Helpdesk) would not know if a ticket should be postponed. For me that part is covered later under hold management. I many cases it is up to the team/individual working the ticket(s) to manage their own workload. Things like SLA's and Hold Management help to facilitate this.

Instead if both the ‘Report Incident’ and ‘Submit Incident Advanced’ had a Required/Needed By Date this could be used to trigger either a different SLA or at least correctly set the dates in the ticket overview.  This should be customisable by SD administrators as may differ between customers.

Before using Service Desk we covered this by using Severity, Impact and Urgency. This allowed us to use Severity and Impact for the priority matrix while allowing staff to set an urgency. The urgency allowed service queues to not only manage by priority (mostly incidents) but also urgency (mostly requests).  Bearing in mind that Incidents didn’t have an urgency, and requests did not have a severity/impact or priority.

With this in mind if we could redesign how the needed by and postponed options work,  and separate out Requests from Incidents so they have there own SLA’s and rule sets this would be much easier.  Currently most changes MUST be suitable for both Request and Incidents which is often not the case.

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There is another date field to consider which is very well hidden. When you open an incident and look at the history you will see a green button. Click that and then click edit, scroll down and you will see "Due Date". I can understand wanting to give the customer the option to select a requested by date, and then having another date for a hard due date. I would prefer to be able to set the Due Date in the incident advanced creation form, then set your SLA to that due date. A nice feature would be to allow the warning SLA to be based on that due date as well; say <Warning SLA> =  (Due Date) - (1 Day). Then i would not have to get creative with my reporting and i can just use the standard SLA breach reports.

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