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In SMG - Remove "Hold message in Spam Quarantine" from the Malware tab to prevent Reinsertion

Created: 13 Nov 2012
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In Symantec Messaging Gateway under the Virus/Malware tab there is an option to "Hold message in Spam Quarantine". This can cause a number of problems though when releasing a message from the Spam Quarantine since by design only messages categorized as Spam will have added the reinsert tag to prevent messages from being reinserted into Quarantine again after being released. However messages with the Unscannable verdict will fall under the Malware/Virus category and for security reasons be rescanned again causing the mail to loop back into the Quarantine. The verdict in the MAL will be "Unscannable, Reinsert" and in many cases it will not be possible to release these messages at all from the Quarantine.

To avoid this confusion I recommend to remove this feature or to add another feature to bypass unscannable scanning. Pls vote for this idea should you agree.

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