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Snapshots in SVSAdmin for easy adding missing files and registry entries

Created: 23 Feb 2011
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Sometimes, when you try to capture an application that uses some windows services to install something, there are files and registry entries that aren't captured in the layer.

If you export this layer to another computer it won't work because of the missinge files/registry entries that has been created in the base in the capture workstation.

Well, I have this idea. Why not having an option of creating an snapshot before of the installation and at the end of the capture process we can compare what has changed from the first snapshot that is not in the layer and show these diferences to the user (or have some kind of screen for selecting these items and copy to the layer).

I hope you understand the idea. In this manner we could easily add to the layer the missing files/registry entries by copying (all the files, one by one, the ones we're sure that are from the software, etc.) to the layer.

Of course, we can do something similar with a global capture but in this case we need to clean the layer before exporting and a lot of times we don't know for sure what to clean.

In the case of having the differences we can guess that some files/registry entries are from the software and try to put them in the layer. After that we can export the layer and try in another computer. If the layer works, bingo! If not, we can try to add more files until we get all the ncessary files in the layer.

We could then capture applications that create network interfaces (like VPNs), that install VC++ runtimes, etc.

Is this a good idea?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english ;-)