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Software Portal 1 time install or tasks

Created: 25 Jun 2012 | 1 comment
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Currently the software portal only works for software delivered by policy. What I ran into (why I could not use it) is that the request adds the computer to the policy. We have one group of users that have the ability to install their own software (GIS software) that they manage. However, they want to be able to remove the software without the policy putting the software back on the PC.

Basically what I would like to see is tasks have the ability to be published to the software portal. An added bonus would be detection and applicability rules for tasks (at least the option for them).


Have the software portal settings on each software have a "One time install" or "add to policy" options.

Perhaps an automation task that could remove the portal request filter from the policy every night to accomplish the above. I could then schedule the task aon certain software policies?

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Did you sort this out?

What I would do would be to create a policy for installing the software and make sure that this ran just on a one off by saying that the remediation runs once. Then set the Software Portal to use this policy. I seem to remember that you can do this.

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