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Software Updates - Restart if no one is logged on

Created: 16 May 2014 | 1 comment
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We've never been able to find the right combination of notification/reboot types in our environment (healthcare). We've tried restarting with a timer or a scheduled time, and with the the option allowing users to defer the restart. That works fine until someone's PC with reboots in the middle of the night while their locked workstation had a ton of unsaved work on it. We had this happen with a CFO. It wasn't pretty. We've switched almost entirely over to the "nag" message so that users must initiate the restart. They hate that, too, but they insist that we not perform "unexpected" restarts.

This means that PCs that get patched and have not been logged on to at all sit and wait until somone logs on, and then starts nagging them. Then they complain and ask why it hadn't just restarted automatically while it wasn't in use. You can't really win.

I would love to see a new notification option that allows for a restart to occur if no user is currently logged on. If someone is logged on, they get whatever notitifcation prompt you define, but if the machine is logged off, just restart it. Obviously you'd want be careful how you target this. I'm cool with restarting any desktop OS with no user logged on, but it would be a super bad idea to do this on our servers. That's easy to target, though, and getting these restarts to occur  when machines aren't logged on with head off a lot of complaints.

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I would like to see this also. It would be a good feature.

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