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Software Updates Tab not showing updates

Created: 24 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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While converting from 6.X to 7.5, I've noticed that the Symantec Management Agent's "Software Updates" tab is no longer showing what updates are installed, status (superseded, Installed by User, Installed by plug-in, etc), when applied, etc.  Basically, I have a blank screen showing nothing but what the patch schedule is.  Not very helpful.

I would like to see that functionality brought back as it is a fantastic trouble shooting tool all in one place (primarily if patches were recently installed and if the agent installed it or the end user).

Is it possible to bring back that information?  I feel going from 6.X to 7.5 is a step back in trouble shooting with this particular item.

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I believe this design change was implemented in one of the last 6.x releases or early 7.0 ones, as it was found that many years worth of update info caused performance issues for the client ui.

That tab will display updates until thet have been installed, and then that info is moved to a local log/csv/xml/access db file (cant remember which), so troubleshooting is still possible.

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Yes, I believe that is correct... the software update on the client is in the installlog.csv file...

the path is \program files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\PatchMgmtAgent


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