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SSIM Incident Alert (Sound or SMS)

Created: 03 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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I think it would good idea to add Sound Alert when Incident arrives, In a 24/7 SOC environment it is really helpful or if SMS Alerts can be generated for Sev5 Incidents.

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Pretty sure you can already do this, sort of.

Major mobile-phone carriers have e-mail addresses that feed into your SMS inbox 

Since SSIM can send email notfications, you should be able to configure it to send an email to your SMS inbox, as you would like.

This list explains which email address to use if one wants to send an email and have it arrive as a text message on someone's phone. The number must contain no punctuation. For instance, to send to a number typically expressed in the USA as 987-555-0100, one would email 9875550100@SMS-gateway.



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