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SWG - Policy Import/Export

Created: 14 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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A nice feature to have would be, in my opinion, the possibility to import and/or export policies' configuration to a CSV file (at least for the ), for troubleshooting, backup purposes, and to easily allow massive changes to policies - the feature is already available for Reports ...

Morever, an export-to-PDF feature wuold be useful in the reporting section.

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You can use the backup option for backing up of the policies and even restore it to another model of SWG as seen in the product impelemntation guide on page 151 under the About Backing up and restoring Symantec Web Gateway Configuration.

From the Implemntation guide:

You can back up the Symantec Web Gateway configuration to a file on your local
computer. If you need to reinstall Symantec Web Gateway on the same appliance,
you can restore the configuration. You can also restore the configuration to a
different, compatible appliance. For example, when you upgrade to a new Symantec
Web Gateway appliance, you can back up the old model and restore the
configuration to the new model. As a best practice, you should include backing
up Symantec Web Gateway as part of your network backup scheme.

If you are using multiple SWGs at one location or company you may consider using a Central Intelligence Unit to manage the policies on all the devices from a central unit vs having to individually mange/configure each policy on each SWG.

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I know that there's a backup option (we've implemented a daily scheduled backup for our gateways), but the entire configuration is stored in a single encrypted file.

The idea here was different: just to have a way to "extract" policies from the configuration in a readable format, so to allow for easy changes.

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Also, when you add CIU and second SWG for HA, you have to manualy retype all polices from original device, since you can not export/import them to CIU or other device. Backup can not be used since it will resotore other settings (IP, name, etc.). I vote for Export/Import options for policies!

Vladimir Vucinic
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