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SWG Support for Microsoft Terminal Server

Created: 14 Mar 2012 | 2 comments
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It wuold be useful to have full support for Microsoft Terminal Server environment, with the possibility for the gateway to differentiate sessions by username and apply the corresponding policy according to the real user's group/OU.

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How would we know whose traffic belongs to which username?

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The limitation here is how the Terminal server present the traffic. The SWG tracks by IP then can use DCinterface or NTLM to deterimine what users are at what IP. So when using Terminal Services, Citrix, unless each user has its own unique IP SWG will be unable reliably track users/groups etc. 

Ihave even seen some customers with NATed subnets that result in the same type results because all users appear to be coming from a single IP.

If MS terminal services can utilize virtual IPs like a Citrix box then you should be okay to track those users.

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