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SWV/SWS IsolationRules using variables instead of GUID

Created: 04 Oct 2013
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Make IsolationRules to dynamic find the GUID it self with a kind of variable.

Instead of having to enter the GUID of the layer you want to Isolate, it would be nice to use the Registry key name or a variable instead.
This will also make it possible for the IsolationRules to use the new RW GUID that are created when during a reset of a layer.

For RO layer it could be ID instead of the GUID for the RO layer.
For RW layer it could be PEER_ID instead of the GUID for the RW layer.

The reason for this is that it would be easier for people to understand IsolationRules and that you would actually be able to use IsolationRules against the RW layer.

As it is now you have the possibility to use the RW layer GUID when creating an IsolationRule, but in practice this is useless.
The reason for this being useless is that when you reset a layer the RW layer GUID will be changed, and you have no clue what it will be, and then your IsolationRules stops working.

Examples of how IsolationRules would look using Registry key name / variables:
*.exe ID 0x0002 \REGISTRY\* * BASE
*.exe PEER_ID 0x0002 \REGISTRY\* * BASE
*.exe BASE 0x0002 \REGISTRY\* * ID
*.exe BASE 0x0002 \REGISTRY\* * PEER_ID

Remember that the really big force of the Workspace Virtualization and Streaming are the IsolationRules. No other product have this ablity and are one of the main reasons why my customers end up with buying SWV/SWS