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Symantec Complete Reporting

Created: 22 Sep 2011 • Updated: 23 Sep 2011
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I have one idea which I would like to call as “Symantec Complete Reporting”.

Description – We have so many products doing many similar thing and each one having a reporting mechanism. But not all of the data may be seen as compliance reporting or risk assessment analysis.

We can bridge this gap by enabling 3rd party red flags to get into our ESM/CCS data collection as part of policy runs. We must try and consolidate other 3rd party product red flags/reports/data, etc into our ESM reporting. We can have a module developed (or multiple modules) for this which would understand other Symantec Product data, parse it and convert it into ESM/CCS style data

Advantages –

1. So now all (stale and live) non-compliance event which might have occurred between two scans can now thus be captured and reported as part of our compliance reports.

2. This would pave the way for future product integration, POC, etc.

3. This should help us define /refine new integration step in Symantec SDLC.

This approach will hold true for any other product integration, vice-versa...