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Symantec Connect and Reader Applications

Created: 01 Aug 2013 • Updated: 08 Aug 2013
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Status: On Roadmap

These days more and more technical literature is being consumed by techies and tech savvy individuals using reader/aggregator apps like Flipboard, Google Currents, Pulse, News 360, Feedly, and so on. While Symantec connect can be subscribed in any of these apps using RSS feeds, it is also true that most of these application users subscribe to only the default subscriptions options. Another important point to note is that most of the individual who use these apps for tech subscriptions are very passionate about technology and evangelize interesting articles they find by broadcasting the via twitter, facebook, linkedin, google plus and so on. This leads to several more reads of these articles as these individual have a reputation within their friend circles of filtering out uninteresting articles and broadcasting only the interesting ones.

I think Symantec can benefit a lot if we include the official blog sections of the Symantec Connect in the default subscription options of top reader/aggregator applications. It will not only lead to more awareness and popularity of Symantec Connect but also about Symantec Products as  many of the articles published on connect also talk about how Symantec products solve real world problems. Moreover we will have an early starter advantage as none of the competition is there on this medium.