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Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Support for PowerPC

Created: 19 Sep 2011 • Updated: 19 Sep 2011 | 3 comments
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New SEP 12.1 clients will install without any difficulty on Intel architecture.  However, the older PowerPC (PPC) platforms are not supported with SEP 12.1.  For details, please see the following article:

About Changes in Supported Macintosh Hardware in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1
Article: TECH167774   |  Created: 2011-08-23   |  Updated: 2011-08-23   | 
Article URL

This "Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Support for PowerPC" Idea page has been created to measure public demand to see this latest SEP for Mac working on PPC. 

  • To express the desire for a supported SEP 12.1 client on this older Mac architecture, please cast a "thumbs up" vote for this enhancement request/idea!  
  • If you feel that the new SEP need only support the new architecture, please vote "thumbs down"!

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My business does rely on a couple of "old" (=G4) Macs e.g. to drive special SCSI devices. These devices (e.g. 10.000+ EUR scanners) are incompatible with any newer Mac (from G5 on, not speaking of Intel). So, we have no choice of keeping at least a few PPCs around. Some of them still run 10.4, but 10.5 support would be enough for us.

There's one more point I would like to stress: A part of the great business value of a Mac is its long lifespan. For many business tasks, a somewhat "fast" G4 Mac is still adequate, e.g. for text processing or even surfing the web. It does not "feel" slow and the UI is still not too different from the latest Mac OS X.

Having no antivirus software option for these would rather drive us towards an AV software manufacturer that does support PPCs for some more years. I sincerely hope that Symantec retinks its strategy and decides to keep PPC client support in SEP for a while.

Best regards,


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I am running a 10.5 PPC myself.  SEP 11 RU7 works fine on it.  That SEP 11 client is able to be managed by a SEP 12.1 manager, so it's not missing much. The main Mac enhancement in 12.1 is:

  • In Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1, you can configure the polices for Mac clients based on a location as well as a group.

See What's new in version 12.1 for more!

With thanks and best regards,


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My business is split about 50/50 with PPC's and newer Intel based Macs, however all of my PPC's are on OSX 10.5.  It would be excellent to be able to have them all on the same SEP version to be able to configure policies.  On the other hand, if the SEP 11 client(s) are able to be managed by a SEP 12.1 manager and still have adequate protection then that is still better than nothing.

My thoughts - if a system is able to handle OSX 10.5 there should be a SEP 12.1 client available for it.

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